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I was born in Brest where the land ends, where the elements mix - Earth - Air - Sea. My work is nourished by the lights of Brittany, after a good downpour.

I studied applied arts at Ensaama in Paris, space section. Lights, volumes &  materials are the expression of interior and exterior spaces and the passable limit that binds them.

So tell, always tell through the body, with a troop, a canvas of cutouts all that is played as a performance before us.

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La peinture à l'huile me fascine, son odeur, sa texture, tout invite à la sensualité. Le mélange des couleurs est souple, entre profondeur et surface. Je laisse faire les teintes. Elles savent, bien mieux que moi, où elles doivent aller. Alors je leur prête mes mains. Et tout s'organise.

                                                                                                                                            à Bernadette


The aftersky is powder

Barren yellow

The earth adorn itself

of dark wets

Night is approaching

Sky is full of rain

timeless - incorporated

Clouds of ashes

float with the wind

empty the fullness

And there, like a hope

shy - the nourishing fire

pierces the bronze sails and offers the certainty of a path to take

Never had sun been

so humble and so fragile.


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